What is the best approach/starter kit for beginner?

Hello all.

I am almost as green as they come in the process to learning how to control a stepper motor and all things involved.

I would like to learn how to use, design, and put into practice a stepper motor to operate a robotic type function. As of now I use a human to advance a wheel a specific number of degrees, by way of a lever, at a specific time.

The current lever takes about 2 to 3 foot pounds to operate. I can design and build the mechanical parts to put the motor in use.

I will need to learn how to program a controller for different programs. Meaning one job I may have the motor rotate 90 degrees and return to 0, the next job I may have the motor rotate 60 degrees and return to home. I will need the motor to turn on and off based on a trigger that is programmable. Such as, “every 5th revolution of this gear, motor on”. I am thinking that would be done with an encoder or possibly a magnetic sensor in which the controller could be programmed to count the number of revolutions or on/off of a magnetic sensor and turn on at a predetermined count.

That is a brief explanation of my goal. My question to the community is, what is the best approach for me to teach myself with your help? Now I’m thinking to start with a Arduino starter kit of some sort to learn the necessary skills for the electrical side of the job.

What do you think?


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See THIS PAGE for an example of the kind of things you may want to learn about. The kit shown there includes a small stepper mtor and driver.

Take a look at the How-To information there to get a feel for what you will be doing.

See THIS PAGE for Stepper Motor example code etc:

And general Stepper motor info HERE

Thank you for your response. I have been reading for more than an hour, great stuff.