What is the best arduino for stepper motor nema 17?

I want to make a syringe pump & I don't know which controller to use.
If you have better stepper motor in mind for this purpose, Please share.

Please post a link to that pump.

Ok, but what mechanical apparatus are you using to operate the syringe, and how fast/slow do you want it to operate, and do you need it to go backwards?

Hi @aminliverpooli
NENA17 is a mechanical specification, and it can have various electrical characteristics.
Three other important features of a step motor are:
Coil Voltage;
Coil current;
Motor torque.

RV mineirin

i want to design as a project so there's no link

i really don't know. i haven't decide yet.

Then as part of your design, compute the torque and step speed needed and then you can pick the stepper motor and controller and power supply. Also consider how you will control the stepper with your user input.

I haven't decide yet. which one is better for a syring pump.

What would coil tension be? New terminology to me.

Hi .
Sorry for my failure , I have corrected it.

RV mineirin

To answer your question: any 5V arduino would work. I would use a nano.
The nema will need an external driver - a very quiet option is a TMC2209, but if you don't mind a bit if motor noise a A4988 is much cheaper.

You will need an external power source for the motor.

Remember that an arduino+driver+nema is an open-loop system. You will need sensors (microswitches should be fine here) to close the control loop. Maybe a switch when plunger in and a switch when plunger out.
The only gotcha you have to consider is what happens when you power up. If the plunger is in the middle, the system has to get to a known state.

Finally, the nema will have some torque but is it enough? You might need to drive a screw thread to increase torque. A trapezoidal ACME threaded rod with a brass nut would be ideal. And cheap.

Thank You very MUCH.

Translation problem. Term for "Voltage" in many European languages. Do you not remember the use of valves (US: "Vacuum tubes") which had a "HT" - High Tension - supply? :grin:

Never tampered with Tubes but guessing I would say Voltage.