What is the best cost effective Arduino for this task.

I am going to have the input as either a digital or analog senser (motion, light, and so on)
As soon as the sensor is tripped I want the Arduino to sent out the analog “play Button” signal to a IR led to make a T.V. play.

Also I would like to have it so it would only send out the signal every first instance of the sensor and then have a time set where it wound not send the signal out again and again.
If this is too difficult I was going to get the timing right on the sensor side of things. Maybe finding a sensor that could tell me people or no people, but stay on while it senses people.

I am a Novice

Any Arduino will work for this.. (at least for the specs/requirements you listed... which isnt much) :slight_smile:

What you described would all be handled in the code/software...

Hardware wise.. you just need to make sure you have enough I/O pins to handle all these sensors you mention

Another tip is ensure your sensors or +5v tolerant.... or if they are +3.3v devices.. use a level shifter or just use a +3.3v based Arduino..

A trinket might be right for the job

Thank you to both of your responses.I will keep sensor voltage in mind