What is the best free PCB designing application..??

I have been using Eagle since Fall 2010, and have done some pretty complex designs with it. You can fit an amazing amount of stuff on 1 schematic sheet, I have not found that to be an issue. I have done All my designs as 2 layer PCBs. With 4 layers, the price for a board jumps up. I have not even looked at 16 layer pricing, that's really for commercial designs. I try to limit board sizes to 100mmx100mm, as prices for boards also increase a lot above that size.

I do not strictly speak about PCB but when you use cupper wire and a soldering iron to wire a protoboard. In this case more than two layers is really useful to design the layout and routing .

Also to be able to split "intelligently" the schematic on multiple sheets is really usefull. This is what most arduino competitors do and schematics are really more readable. The diagram DUE is an example of what not to do.

We must expose all the advantages and disadvantage so that the applicant can make up their own mind.

PS : For your information Wiring Project has switch to Kicad.

I agree with Buddy on Kicad, Kicad is a good choice for a design. I have used it in past and plan on getting back to it. I really like it. Not limited. Eagle has it's issues but it is very usable. I have used it in the past. It is suitable for production quantity PCBs. Free version is limited. PCBExpress, aka Sunstone, offers PCB123 with new protoservice. I did not care for PCB123 though. ExpressPCB is my choice for quick cheap prototype boards. The process is dirt simple like notepad for layout with no frills. They offer PCB fab linked with the schematic and layout tool. Their cheapest offer is 3 identical boards that are 3.8" by 2.5" for $51 with a 4 day turn around time. The designs are not_transferable .This is not a tool that I would use for production quantity PCBs but I think some people do.

If you new to design layout, any of these tools will help you learn how it is done. Try them all. I did, they're free!

I am currently using Altium. It is very expensive and takes a long time to learn. Do not start here unless someone else is paying you to learn it.

I used expresspcb http://www.expresspcb.com/ for one board design. Where it is really limited is the lack of rubberbanding - and being able to visualize component interconnects is key to component placement and a board that can ultimately be routable. Also, it does not have any autorouting. Or linked schematic symbols and parts symbols. After that initial design, I have only used it for quick schematics here for discussion and for documenting component placements on wirewrap boards.

After that initial PCB, All my designs have been done using eagle. Here are just a few: http://www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/ I've tried to fit things into 3 basic sizes: 50x50mm for one PCB price point with iteadstudio, ($9.90 for 10 boards) 80x100mm for free eagle size limit, and also the size of Velleman ECS 1/2 protoboards, and 100x100mm for the next PCB price point ($24.90 for 10 boards). Bigger than that, the price starts to increase a lot, to like $48 for 5 boards for Mega Screw Shield size boards.

jwatte: Eagle is a very good piece of software. Specifically, the non-free versions scale up to much bigger targets. Meanwhile, you have all of those tools available for your 10x8 cm double-sided board as freeware (for non-commercial projects AFAICT).

Other free software you might want to check out: - expresspcb: http://www.expresspcb.com/ (only works with their board making service) - gEDA: http://www.gpleda.org/ (open source -- is to Eagle what Gimp is to Photoshop) - pad2pad: http://www.pad2pad.com/ - Tina: http://www.tina.com/English/tina/ (includes some simulation capability) - FreePCB: http://www.freepcb.com/ (open source -- it's more like MS Paint than a full system)

Thank you, I think I will try all the software that you take, and then select the best

There's also DesignSpark PCB to add to that list


I have not used, well? I am also looking for such a software, a lot of hope that the landlord can recommend.

I have not used, well? I am also looking for such a software, a lot of hope that the landlord can recommend.

Have you read the rest of this thread? What more can we say?

Is there an online designer that I can use?

...I'm using "Target3001" (there is a free version here: http://www.ibfriedrich.com/, but the commercial versions are also not very expensive). It is intuitive and easy to learn. I as a complete newbie managed to do this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIYZ0ldzJwY as my first PCB!

in my opionion, eagle offers the best free version of a pcb design application. easy to use and learn, perfect for beginners. find it here


DesignSpark PCB just got a new release to v6


I wish KiCad had a "proper" forum instead of a Yahoo group.

mrpi64: Is there an online designer that I can use?

yes: http://123d.circuits.io/

There are many PCB design applications but I generally use OrCAD. Here are some more application which can be useful for you: Altium, Allegro, Expedition, Eagle, Board Station, Cadstar, ProTel, Tango, PADS…

these are best software to design PCB.

Good luck!

Check out FabStream from DownStream Technologies. It's free capture, layout and auto-routing integrated with online PCb procurement to minimize errors during manufacturing. The software was acquired from Cadence Design Systems and enhanced for the DIY PCB engineer. No limits in layer, pin or size. Online Drc. Push and shove routing. Intelligent copper pours. Any angle part rotation. All the features you would pay thousands for from Mentor, Altium, and Zuken. Far surpasses eagle, design spark and and Autotrax. Real forums, real support. State of the art user interface, secure ecommerce for online PCB ordering. PCBs are low cost, high quality, made in the USA and shipped anywhere in the world.

Check it out...

Www.fabstream.com for free software download!

Altium just announced the release of their new free PCB design tool. From what I've seen so far it looks really cool and full featured!


Bit of a useless link. It does not say what OS it runs under and it is only free “to start with”. It says you can buy enhancements but makes no mention as to what they are.

So I find they are not up front with this product and in my experience this is always a bad thing. A suck you in and then screw you operation?

Joy: I need a PCB designing application which will be FREE....

I mostly need to make double sided PCBs.. I use eagle...Anything much better that that..?

Advanced Circuits' PCB Artist is the absolute best FREE PCB layout software! and it also runs a file check to ensure proper manufacturability of your printed circuit board design for free.