What is the best way to do this project?

Hello guys,
How can I do this project?

I need to use this fan: https://www.arctic.de/en/P12-PWM-PST/ACFAN00170A
With an infrared sensor that can read temperature from about 15 cm. I found this:


Everything needs to be battery powered.
Then I power on with a switch, an LCD should show the temperature and the fan starts, and a red led is lit.
When temperature is below certain degrees the fan should stop, the led should be green and a buzzer should sound.

What components do I need for this and what battery? I would prefer a rechargable powerbank if possible but I don’t know what specifications I need.

Thank you.

"Best" depends on your skills and budget.

You need any Arduino board for development. For the final build a Pro Mini or ATtiny should do, any standard LCD display, and a sufficiently strong battery.

This cab be done without any microcontroller.

How long do you require the device to run for on a single charge?

Not if he wants to use the MLX90614.

I would love that, but How? Because the temperature sensor must be infrared (to read temperature from a distance of 15 cm).

About 2 minutes.

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What are you checking the temperature of with a contactless thermometer?

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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Is it possible to attach an infrared sensor to this relay?


This unit has what looks like a resistive thermistor input, it will not interface with your sensor module.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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Thank you,
I have no experience, that’s why I search online in order to learn how to do it.

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