What is the best way to operate multiple HX711

I'm working on a project to assist a disabled person in walking. It's not a motorized exoskeleton that a fully paraplegic person would use but rather a few motors and cables attached to the body for one specific person with a few specific muscle problems that prevent walking. It's battery powered and an Arduino performs control.
In order to measure the tension on the bowden cables, I plan to use two sets of HX711-based scale hardware. The cables will run over wheels and the HX711 will measure the tension. That tension and user input will control motor controllers.
In the initial design, I plan two sets of HX711 (and two motors).

I observe that on the very basic library, one HX711 connects to one Arduino, as the basic HX711 library only seems to support a single HX711. On some implementations with multiple sensors, the weights are just being added together,which is not an option for my project.
I also find the HX711-multi library, that makes multiple HX711 modules work with a single Arduino.
I now have 2 design options:
a) I could use 2 Arduino modules, each connected to one HX711 module. The challenges here are power efficiency and setting up communication between both Arduinos.
b) I could attach both HX711 to one single Arduino Uno module using the HX711-multi library. I/O capacity and processing power would be sufficient.
The challenge here seems to be the HX711-multi library - I don't seem to find projects that have [succesfully] used it.

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed?

Your project is most honorable.
Can You dig into that library, especially the .h file and find some more? Supposing this library is good it looks like a much better option than using double controllers calling for a reliable communication protokol and all the effort to make that work well..

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This may help, I haven't tried it but it could possibly help your code.

googled multiple hx711 arduino

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PS. Great project..