What is the better way to detect eyeblink on arduino maybe EOG without electrod

Hello everyone,

i'm working on a project on which I want detect the frequence of eyeblinks in order to inform a robot which will react to this informatio
And I have seen the EOG system but I want something non invasive so it need to have the less contact with the person (particularly on the face).

So far i have thought about cameras or i don't really know what i can use.

I you have any idea i will be greatfull.

facial recognition is hard, maybe you can tape something to the Eyelashes, like a magnet on the upper eyelash and a hall effect magnet sensor on the lower lash to sense the magnet every blink?

Yes well it seem a great idea but what can i tape without be much intrusive,
because tape something on the eylash will be hard no ?

if you have any other suggestion it would be great

Multiple posts on the same topic are likely to get you into trouble.

Eye movement detection is usually done by shining a low level I.R. source towards the eye and using I.R. detectors to sense angle of reflection.

Thank you for you answer, the topic is not the same if you read well.

And i am open to all suggestions it will help me.