What is the command to connect Bluetooth master to slave

Hello all,

I got a new Bluetooth serial board that i use with my Arduino Uno: http://wiki.seeed.cc/Grove-Serial_Bluetooth_v3.0/

and i found out that MOST commands on this page are responding when i send them from my serial command line: https://seeeddoc.github.io/Bluetooth_Bee_v2.0/

For example AT+ROLEM returns Set:M


But i cannot connect the BT board in master mode with any bluetooth device in slave mode (BT speaker for example).

According to the page i just give above, i should enter : AT+LNKxxxxxxxxxxxx where the code after LNK is the mac address of the BT device i want to connect to. But this command does not return anything :confused:

I also tried AT+CONxxxxxxxxxxxx but it does not return anything

I see many different commands on internet to accomplish this, but none of them work.

I know my BT device works because i can connect to it with my phone. There is no pin code.

Maybe i have to send specific commands ?

thanks for your help,

hlalibe: Maybe i have to send specific commands ?

Yes http://www.martyncurrey.com/connecting-2-arduinos-by-bluetooth-using-a-hc-05-and-a-hc-06-pair-bind-and-link/

Thanks for the link, i will read carefully and try.


not sure what happened here, but my BT board only responds to AT command with OK, all other commands are ignored, or at least nothing comes back.

I tried disconnecting and changing speed, no effect.

I think, although not entirely sure, that the problem happened after i sent the AT+DEFAULT command.

Maybe i reset the chip and now i have to re-enter the configuration in order to re-establish the full AT mode ?

i’m a bit at a lost with this BT chip. I have the one attach on the picture, which is the same chip as shown on the page linked by Nick above.

Did you push the button?

I don't see a button on the BT board. There's one ?

My apologies. I was conducting two conversations at once. I have now checked your link and see a bluetooth module I have never seen before. I haven't the faintest idea of what they are about. But:- I'm sure the device is actually a plain vanilla HC-05, it's just that they are a bit coy about admitting it. In the light of that, this it is SPP protocol, I'm sure it won't work with audio.

I get the impression that they are designed to autoconnect with another of the same - no configuration required.