What is the correct ethernet protocol and library to use

Im completely lost on how to approach the problem i am facing, and it is not helping that i am not familiar with LAN protocols.

So here is a rundown on what i want to do,

on my phone/pc browser i want to open a webpage that is hosted on a raspberry pi pico with a w5500 ethernet module.

While on that browser me the user will maybe touch some buttons here and there on the html page which will then begin sending lots of data from the phone/pc to the pico atleast 64000 bits long with a maximum interval of 20ms. the pico will ocassioally responed with some data.

So i guess websocket is the correct protocol for this?

I only want 1 connection at a time to the pico, but i would like to have an override feature where the second device will maybe send a short bit of code to the pico which will forcebly disconnect the current connection.

Is websocket the correct thing for this? Which libraries am i going to use? There is a websocket library and a webserver library made by the same guy. how are they different??

Uh, this is the Arduino forums.

Depends. Can you program the Pi Pico with the Arduino IDE?

yes. Arduino added it to the mbed boards support package along with a Nano based on the same chip

Well, that makes it part of the Arduino universe then. :+1: And fair game on these fora.

Just like the ESPs. :sunglasses:

OK, I learned something new today. Now I can goof off until tomorrow.

John (OP)- Install the board through the boards manager and look at what (if any) example sketches get installed.

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