What is the feasibility of this project?

So right now I have the DF rover and some experience with both android and arduino. This rover is perfect for beginners because of its low cost and ease of use, but unfortunately it just doesn't have enough power to satisfy me so I've moved on. I found another rover with 4 12V dc motors instead of 2 4.5V ones. I'd like to be able to control it with an arduino and control the arduino using an android phone by means of bluetooth. Now I'm well aware that this much has already been done, but would it also be possible to have a video camera connected to the arduino that would simultaneously send live feed to the screen of the android phone? I'm working with the following items:

  • arduino mega (which I know has 3 sets of tx and rx pins but idk if its just as simple as plugging the camera into one of them and the bluetooth module into another)
  • blueSMIRF gold bluetooth modem
  • 4D Systems microCAM Serial JPEG camera module - TTL
  • Lynxmotion aluminum 4wd1 rover kit
  • adafruit motor shield kit for arduino
  • Xperia PLAY (android phone)

Please give me any input at all on whether this project can be done with the above listed hardware. I just need to know that there is hope for this project before I buy everything and realize it's not going to work. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

As long as the video data doesn't go anywhere near the Arduino, you're probably OK.

As long as the video data doesn't go anywhere near the Arduino, you're probably OK.

What does that mean? I was under the impression that the data would be sent to the arduino via a set of the tx/rx pins and streamed to the android phone via the bluetooth modem (which would also be connected to a set of tx/rx pins). How else could I do it? Is it possible to connect the tx/rx pins of the camera directly to the corresponding rx/tx pins on the bluetooth modem? And if I did do it like that, would I need a separate bluetooth modem to send control data for the motors to the arduino?

I'd go for wifi for the video. There are a few apps that will give a live stream from an IP camera. If you can find one that's open source you could just bolt your control stuff on top. Arduino is not capable of handling video. Bluetooth is pretty slow too. Also, I haven't looked but is the camera you have chosen, even capable of video?

From what I can tell, it basically just sends a stream of compressed pictures. Haven't got it to work yet though so I'm not quite sure.

I'd go for wifi for the video.

Does that mean I'd have to purchase a wifi shield or something?

Depends on how you want to pass your control signals to the Arduino. Don't involve the arduino at all in the video piece. Just use an off the shelf wireless IP camera. Although I guess this all depends on where you want to use it.

Someone create similar project with Xbee:

The maximum speed of an Xbee is 250K baud so depending on your file size it is going to take some time to download each frame.