What is the method of connecting this piece with Arduino?


What is the method of connecting this piece with Arduino?

This piece is used to measure frequency ,

Consisting of ic lm567

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from: India-ware website

Pin Configuration

VCC - VCC, 3-12V, DC, use 5V directly is fine
OUT - output, when detect certain frequency output TTL low
FIN - Identifier frequency input, this can input the frequency for identifying, be aware the amplification should lower 0.2V
FOUT - Identifier frequency output pin, this pin output the identifying frequency which is set
ROUT - Amplifier real time output pin, detect audio amplifier signal real time output.

Does this module look for one frequency and then output a signal when that frequency is present ?

Thank you, I want frequencies directly from microphone to Arduino
I do not want any storage

So that I see all the incoming frequencies of the mike in (serial communication) in the Arduino and built it to be programmed according to frequencies because I have more than one frequency.

You have a false assumption. The device will detect the ONE frequency you have it set to detect. Only one frequency is detected at a time. Study This link for details.

You can program to detect any frequency in range, but only one after the other.

I hope this is really what you are looking for.