What is the most compatible server for arduino uno

I would like to ask about the most compatible server for arduino. Thanks

In what way ?

Do you want a server to act as a central application server ?

Do you want it to just hold a repository of libraries ?

Do you want it for educational use with classrooms ?

Do you want it to be able to program multiple Arduinos at once ?

There is NO detail in your question which is why I ask more questions than you.

Please go here and read this then you will know what informations to give

^ ditto...

your question has no weight without more details.

Server in what capacity?

Like a traditional server? to log data?
(than any would work in that case.. the 3rd party scripting language is what would count here.. ie: PHP, Python..etc)

If you want to have many Arduino's connected to this 'server' to 'know' when to initiate some specific event/action....
then you are looking at setting up some sort of MQTT server/broker (easily done using a Raspberry Pi, and about 15 minutes of your time... more if you want to truly understand what is going on)

^ the MQTT approach is the most practical because it is what is known as a Publish/Subscribe broker/server.....
meaning the Arduino (clients) do NOT have to constantly poll/request data from the server to see if anything has changed.

*(if they did this would be terribly inefficient and hog all sorts of bandwidth via HTTP requests)..

instead they just sit there.. and the server/broker PUSHES out an update to the subscribed (clients) Arduinos..

I have actually set up both an MQTT broker/server on my RaspberryPi.. as well as a LAMP install (Apache, MySQL & PHP).. so I can also log things.. as well as control my subscribed clients.)