What is the most powerful and fastest arduino currently avaiable? UAV project

Hello everyone.

I am looking into using an Arduino to build a CAN network for a anti poaching project using a UAV. Please bare with me if my question seem generic as I have designed and built analogue systems and the only experience I have with computers is my laptop and very basic programing of software. I have never tried to build something like a CAN but I am have 2 years to finish this project.

I was told that the Arduino Tre would have been best for my applications but according to my search it appears that the Arduino Tre was discontinued or never made it to market.

So my question is what is the next best Arduino? I was looking at using the Due but I don't know as I need to have a Ethernet connection for some of the components.

I need to create/ tie into the Arduino a EFI system, an engine control unit, video transmitter controls, receiver controls, camera controls, servo controls, gimbal controls, just to name a few.

Would the Arduino Due handle this or is there a better system for a Controller Area Network?

Thoughts on what would be the best system to handle this.