What is the most reliable WiFi option?

I have been trying unsuccessfully to make a CC3000 based WiFi shield work reliably for several months. It will work for a few hours or days but not for longer. Some of the problems relate to string handling etc within the Arduino code, but they can be fixed, the watchdog timer can be included into the code to trigger periodic resets. But there are still problems that seem to be related to the CC3000 itself. I tried updating the firmware and have now "bricked" my device. From comments on-line I'm not alone in having these issues. TI themselves no longer seem to recommend this chip.

So my question to the Forum is, what have members found to be a reliable, robust ways to connect Arduino to WiFi?

Thanks, Michael

Wow, total silence…

I’m in the same boat, having seen a couple of CC3000 shields & breakout boards, I thought this was a slam dunk until I looked into the postings related to issues with the CC3000. Too bad, it seemed like a good solution, but, to me, reliability in my WiFi connections is paramount. I’m not interested in something that “I got working a couple of times”.

Net, I’m using an RTX41XX module that I’ve used successfully for a couple of years. Using it has its own ‘burden’/learning curve, but it does work reliably and can support reasonably low power projects. Its not a bare bones type of product, but will support some serious WiFi connectivity if need be.


a reliable, robust ways to connect Arduino to WiFi?

A common Ethernet shield connected to a WiFi repeater.

This involved no learning curve as I already had the Ethernet shield but, even if you start from scratch, the combination costs about half what you pay for a WiFi shield, and all the WiFi issues are handled by somebody who knows what they are doing.

Further, the repeater brings its own unique benefits, while a WiFi shield just brings grief.

You could get a wireless router like below or similar and use it in the bridging mode.