What is the name of this transformer

What is the name of this transformer? Used in lights.

What makes you think it is a transformer?

"George"? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was thinking Fred but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

Not much to go on. Are there only the two wires connecting to it?

My best guess it that it is an RC snubber.

Actually, that was my first thought but I decided it was too obvious. :+1:


it has 2 red and 2 white and black out put wires

How big is that light, and is it mains power or 12volt (halogen light replacement).
My guess is a switching power supply (LED driver with a transformer),
because I also see an electrolytic cap.

Small led lights 12 volt may be less than 12 volt used for altar decoration.

I prefer to use an alliterative name, so Timothy Transformer would be my choice.

An AC to DC converter is a reasonable guess, possibly with a constant current output.

Cut the black heat shrink tubing off of the assembly, and post pics to let us see what is on the PCB.

Actually the opposite.

If the input wires are different colours and the output wires the same colour, one must presume it is either DC in, AC out, or mains ("Live" and "Neutral") in, AC out.

The presence of the capacitor does not help much as all power converters require DC, rectified if necessary from AC, for the switching devices.

In my part of the world, black and white are AC in, colors are DC out. So I'll stand by my guess.

I would not expect "600V" marking on a DC/DC AC?DC etc.

Voltage rating of the heatshrink?

I certainly would not be surprised to see a 600V marking.

Can't say no but I've never seen it on HS.

Of course it would help if the OP showed the group what each end was connected to.

Waste of time.

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Have to agree. :grin:

I have led power supply not working now. Both the out put wires are getting + ac voltage. I checked through screw driver line tester, see the attached image.Tester glowing in both the output wires. Please advice me how to solve this issue.