What is the normal arduino PWM frequency in Hz?

What is the normal arduino PWM frequency in Hz?

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The frequency of the PWM signal is approximately 490 Hz. http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/AnalogWrite

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I though because of the diffences between the timers used in analogWrite() depending on the specific PWM pins that the default PWM switching speed on a 328p based board was:

Arduino Pins 5 and 6: 1kHz Arduino Pins 9, 10, 11, and 3: 500Hz

That's from an older source, but think it still applies that there are two different switching frequencies used depending on the specific pwm output pins being used.


However you can change it fairly easily by changing the prescaler, particularly for Timers 1 and 2. You could do it for Timer 0, but that would change the rate at which the millis() figure updates.

Also if you want other frequencies and are prepared to dedicate a whole timer to it you can effectively select one from a wide range. I have a table on this page which shows the various frequencies you can achieve. However you have to get a bit closer to the hardware to do that, although there are some libraries that will help with that.

Does anyone know what is the lilypad arduino PWM frequency in Hz? I am using the lilypad arduino main board which uses ATmega328V.

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