what is the part number of this terminal to use in easyEDA

amazon link

I want to use this part in a pcb am working on

very new to pcb designing but am learning slowly.

They have a 5mm pitch :wink:

It's a kind of "terminal block".

Try [u]Molex[/u], [u]WE[/u] or [u]OST[/u].

I want to use this part in a pcb am working on

If you can't find it in your PCB design library you might just need to find something similar or "generic" with the right hole-spacing & hole-size, or make a custom part, or just lay-out a series of solder-holes.

:wink: If you buy from reliable suppliers you'll usually get the manufacturer's part number and/or a link to the datasheet, and usually better parts. You'll pay a little more but it's usually worth it unless you like "hacking" and "playing around" with unknown stuff. (There's nothing wrong with Amazon, but Amazon doesn't usually directly-sell electronic components. This is from a 3rd-party, sold through Amazon.)

thank you guys for the help