What is the "sendMyPage" function?

A buddy of mine at my office has an Arduino board and wifi shield all set up to monitor temperatures in his smoker. He said several times how easy it would be to set up so I took the plunge and ordered some parts.

Eventually I'll be monitoring several temperatures in my 1950s fridge converted to a smoker, and controlling the temp in it via relay... That is, if I can get the Arduino Mega I have working.

I found the site he got the code and wiring examples from and with a little detective work I've found the files in the wishield libraries to modify. I'm able to connect to the wishield via the example sketch in the Arduino software without trouble.

For some reason though, I can't compile the sketch found if you google "arduino bbq" and click on the "Homebrew BBQ Temperature Monitor/Controller VERSION 2" link. Sketch is at the very bottom via link. (Sorry, can't post a link so this is the best way I could figure on how to give example of what code I'm using)

I've gotten to the point where it won't compile past the "sendMyPage" part: server_up = WiServer.async_init(sendMyPage, 1);

Error shown when compiling is: In function 'void loop()':
error: 'sendMyPage' was not declared in this scope At global scope:

Some other posts around the web have mentioned using the "sendMyPage" function, but none say where it is in what file or anything.

Can someone enlighten me please?

Thanks very much,