What is the Speed limit for a ESP32... or How to gain speed

I need to process data fast.. For 2 serial prints, and no matter what the baud (tried 115200 and 500000) it still takes exactly the same "Processor Instruction times" of about 23.8 uS for 2 prints to the serial buss..
Now, I don't care so much how long a time the Data plays on the serial buss But the instruction times are to long.... So Besides sending data Serially,, is there a faster way to get data off (to another device) for the ESP32... I have Interrupts on both + and - cycles of an input.. Machine language would be good but don't want to get into that... Any input would be appreciated..

That's a very open question with the need of many clarifications before you get a legitimate answer. At one extreme however, if the devices are relatively close together and the data bursts are relatively short, you could do direct TTL signalling at up to 4mbps (relatively).

Well,,, Thank you DKWatson that maybe a good alternative, letting hardware do it... Your answer did solve my problem indirectly... as I Just realize that God made buffers,, send data to a buffer insead of TTL....Never tried to program such, I'm a Electronics engineer not so much a software programmer.... But let my interrupts send data to a zillion buffers and then process the data at slower rate as long as no dreaded Buffer overun.... Thanks for Your input.. What comes around go's around... Thanks for taking the time.....

How much data at a time? There are several ways to implement a buffer, some faster than others. I'm an engineer as well (systems) and have spent the better part of the last 45 years coercing microprocessors to communicate with the rest of the world, so you might say that this is kinda close to home for me.

How about parallel communication? A data bus 16 bits wide. I don't know ESP32, but on avr, you can write an 8 bit port with a single instruction.