What is the status of serial on a tiny85

I hate to be a pain but in the long run it will be worth it...

• Remove the previous version of the Tiny Core (arduino-tiny-0100-0013.zip).

• Install the latest version of the Tiny Core...

• Navigate to the libraries/JeeLib directory

• Locate and open Ports.h in a text editor

• Towards the top of the file make this change...

// keep the ATtiny85 on the "old" conventions until arduino-tiny gets fixed
#if ARDUINO >= 100 // && !defined(AVR_ATtiny84) && !defined(AVR_ATtiny85) && !defined(AVR_ATtiny44) && !defined(AVR_ATtiny45)
#define WRITE_RESULT size_t
#define WRITE_RESULT void

• Save and close Ports.h

• If the Arduino IDE was running, close it and restart it

• Try again to compile the sketch