What is the true location of the vtbl upon init?

The SAM3X8E datsheet says the startup location of the vtbl is 0x00000, which is (I think) in the bootloader ROM. But on the Arduino Due the vtbl actually seems to be at 0x80000 (according to VTOR reg) which is the start of flash. Is it safe to assume that the Arduino compiling process along with the SAM3X bootloader process place a new vtbl at 0x80000? Both locations have the same copy of the vtbl as far as I can tell?!?!

I need to copy the existing vtbl to a new location in RAM so it can be hooked at run-time, so it's really important I am copying the [u]real[/u] vtbl! Of course.. the real vtbl is the one in VTOR, so I guess this topic is just double-checking that I am understanding the VTOR reg properly.

Thanks for any help!