What is the use to buying original Ardiuno products if they don't work?

Arduino IDE should make the Nano 33 IOT board a simple task to program....Hey what a dreamer am i ?......I buy original ...respect this company...and yeah ....no respect in return....just wasted time.....Very disappointed.....And no...i am not the problem....Tried 4 different computers....WIth eindows 7 , windows 10 , A raspberry pi4 and a raspberry pi3...could never get a new instal of IDE to compile any of the examples given for Nano 33 iot !!!!!!! Thank you for taking my money and not care about making sure your product works !!!!!

It sounds like you need help getting started.
What’s not working?
How is it connected?
Let’s stabilise your working environment... Windows is probably a good starting point.

Have you installed the IDE? Which version?
Have you worked through the simplest tutorials?
What were the results / error codes?

To help you more, we need to come visit your house/work... or you can provide more information.

Great first post.

I doubt that. If @bob780 was interested in help, he/she would have asked for it.

When you say 'could never get a new instal of IDE to compile any of the examples given for Nano 33 iot', what actually happened. Did the compiler fail with an error message?

It is like a car. You got to learn to drive, before you can drive.


You have to remember it’s highly unlikely that Arduino have produced a product and sold quite a few , but none have ever worked.

There are guides out there for getting started with that board , have you looked at those ?

As said earlier , a few more details will get it sorted .

You sound very frustrated and a little annoyed.
As others had said, it isn't likely that the Arduino team would just dump an untested product on the market.
But, Arduino was never meant to be plug and play.
I'm sure if you take a breather and take some time to find published examples to start with, it will fall into place.
But, IoT is never going to be easy from scratch and there is a lot more to set up than flashing an LED.

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