What is this and how can i control it!?

I would make a self controlled rc car and i unmounted an old Nikko toy that has got this magnetic system to control the steering angle.

How can i control it with Arduino?

Thanks ^_^

This does steer both ways right? Otherwise see if you can dismantle that bit to see how it works "mechanically" then possible see if there is a voltage variance when you move the wheels using a multimeter.

moving it there is a variance of 0.005V :|

just a guess, the thing with wires looks like an electromagnet. it seems the steering shaft has 2 magnets on it, one polarity attracts one, and repels the other. reverse it and it turns the other way. you should be able to control it with an h-bridge.

But with Pwm and H bridge i cant reverse the rotation sense?

So if i have understood it works in this mode... example... +5V ->Right ; -5V -> Left :~

nope. +5<—coil---->ground is one direction, ground<—coil---->+5 is the other direction. you could use a ±5 volt supply and use only 2 transistors… but thats a whole other level of complication that would pretty much have no benefits.

i don't know how to make an H bridge.... probably a small servo its much easy to control?


thank you

Have a look here :


Just my opinion, but.....

Get rid of it and put a small servo in there!