What is this called? (Hexaponic pickup/arduino)

hey so i’m trying to connect this component (a hexaphonic pickup) to my arduino, but it has this white piece of plastic over the ends of each input.
i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that piece is called and if i can take it off so i can connect the inputs to my arduino. Thanks!

(i attatched an image of said component)

That component is a connector. It appears to have 6 pairs of wires. Each pair of wire is sheathed in each black coloured cable insulator.

Each pair will likely be associated with 1 string. Black wires could possibly be reference, while the red wire is an analog signal that is probably meant to be processed by a dedicated module..... maybe with a low pass filter front end, followed by maybe a pre-amplifier, then into an analog to digital converter. And that is for 1 string. The same kind of thing for the other 5 strings.

If you don't want to cut the connector, you could possibly try to find the counter-part one, so that you can connect your existing connector to it's mating connector..... and then you can have access to the various pairs of wires.

It is a JST connector

Inlining the image:

The mating header would probably be something like this, though without some sort of length reference in the photo we can't tell if the pitch is 2.0 mm or 2.5 mm. With your luck it will be something different than 2.5mm so you can't just use it in a breadboard.