What is this component ?

Hello !

Does anyone know which component is this ? With "GD WOIM" written...

I've found an old electronic board and i can't find it on Google... :confused:

Thank you !

Where is the photo?

Oops... It's now attached.

Diode bridge recitifier?



I think its a diode bridge rectifier, too.

If we are correct (pretty sure we are) it is basically 4 diodes in a single package, arranged in a diamond shape. It turns AC current into DC current (albeit a very lumpy DC current). Those big caps then smooth this into a more steady DC current.

Just google this:


you could just click here:

(but that would be too easy...)

it is called a bridge rectifier has 4 leads ac voltage into sine wave pins you get dc voltage from + - pins

Really thank you for you answers ! Now I know !

The legend "BR1" means "bridge recitifier 1". This is a power supply, there will be a transformer secondary
connected to this board providing the low-voltage AC, and probably some 78XX / 79XX voltage regulators down
the line to provide regulated voltage rails (given the capacitor voltage rating, something like +/-12, 18 or 24V)

(unless this is an unregulated supply).

This power supply design, transformer/bridge rectifier/smoothing cap/linear regulator is not used
in modern equipment, which almost invariably uses switch-mode converters these days which are >10 times
smaller and lighter for a given power level.

I deduce this board is at least 15 years old.