What is this number telling me?

new arduino forum webpage number on tab

new arduino forum web page number on tab 2

One has a number (4), the other has the Arduino logo on the page tab.

What's up wit dat?

I see no numbers ?
Hardy break out the Foster Grants :laughing:

Could it be an Opera thing? Do you see it with other browsers? Do you see it with other websites with Opera?

I suppose so. I've never seen, though, 'til now with the new forum software.

I don't use any other browser on a regular basis, and then not for this site.

No.  Never.


Could that be the number of messages you have in your profile?

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

You activated that feature from your profile preferences Profile - dougp - Arduino Forum

It's the number of New Or Unread posts.

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Totally missed that. Thanks.

So many moving parts!

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