what is this switch called?

Hi, I need to find a switch module, small and low voltage to control data connection on and off on a usb cable, prefer a tactile type switch that holds the connection once pressed but resets with power loss or press of button again.

I have a dash camera I have built into the car that is powered by my android stereo usb however it will not auto power on and record because it recognises a data connection, I could disable the data pins on the usb cable and that would work however I then wouldnt be able to access the video through my android stereo.

I want to connect a switch to the data pins of the usb to disable the data (but allow power 5v) as default and when I want to access the video I press a button once (tactile switch) that allows data connection to flow and stay on unless I press the button again or I lose power to the usb (turn car off) then it resets back to default - no data connection, just in case I forget to switch it back.

anyone know of a pcb module on the market for this or what it might be called?

Single Pole Double Throw => SPDT

or select DPDT
(this may not be what you want)

A mechanical switch (relay), with several contact sets, is a comman way for situations like yours)


I have a dash camera I have built into the car that is powered by my android stereo usb

Use a car 12v to USB power supply instead, not data on the data line.
Tom… :slight_smile:

TomGeorge I want to have access to the data at some stage to view video which is why I want a switch and I wont have the ability to swap cables around as its all built into the vehicle.

Knut_ny I looked into it the spdt seems to perform the same function as a momentary tactile switch, I need something that will stay on and only go back to no data pins when its pushed again or power loss causes it to reset.

I think if I can find a usb hub that contains a soft latching power button this might do the trick

You need to design it with transistor