What is WML in SEARCH ??!?!?

I'm doing a search to find answers, and for reasons unknown - the search returns results listed as "WML" in google - I click on it, and instead of reading forum posts, I get the hard HTLM / XML code.

Did I get a virus in my browser or is something wrong here?

I don’t think it’s a virus. I suspect it was caused by a screw up in the configuration of the Arduino forum. The solution is to copy the URL of the search result and remove the ;wap from the end. For example in this search result:

You can see that the URL is:
So you should select that URL without the last part and copy it to the URL bar on your browser:

Ok, I was curious if it was just my workstation and anyone else having the same issue. I figured out how to extract the link from the raw code.