What kind of connector is this [lpd8806 led]


I am working on designing a board, and thought this was a 4 pin jst connector, however, when I purchased the connector, the pin spacing was a lot closer together than this connector.

They come on the end of addressable led strips.

I need a female pcb connector.

Thanks for your help


Can you convert this to JST.

I tried searching for "horribly out of focus connector" on Mouser but the results were a bit fuzzy.

You really need to measure the distance between the pins to start finding the matching connector.

Sorry, my iPhones camera has been playing games with my heart.

the pins are .1 inch (2.54mm) same as the arduino, it is 1cm in length and a half cm in width.

I need this part, as the led strips plug into it with the male end.

My thought would have been JSR @ .1 inch.
Cannot suggest anything else other than if it was me, I would change them out to JSTs as I have a collection of
2s, 3s and 4 pin .1" header pairs.

So now the wooden table is in focus but the connector is still soft.

Do you need to actually have it latch in? If not, it will probably just work on a row of 0.1" header pins. No special connector.

The wings on the side are a bit odd. That is sometimes used on a socket which is mounted in a panel and the wings hold it rigidly in place.

What's on the other side of it? Flat or ridged with keyways?

I think I found it,

it looks like a jst-sm connector


I don't want to change the connector out because the strips already have this type of connector soldered on...

it doesn't seem like they make a PCB mounting version of this though.

I don't want to change the connector out because the strips already have this type of connector soldered on...

Understood but, if you already have ordered and received JST connectors, it would be a simple matter to cut off the old LED strip connector and crimp on your new JST.
Then you would have something you are in control of.

It's a simple matter to change a connector.

The more professional dealers selling the LED strips provide at least the input-side connector - with flying leads - with the LED strip sold. There really is no - or rarely any - need for the output-side connector.

After all - whoever is manufacturing the LED strips has all the connectors.