What kind of knob is this?

I'm looking for a type of knob that is used in airplane radios. The knob is the type that is spring loaded so that it returns to zero when you let go but can turn both to the left or the right.

Any idea what kind of knob that is and where I could get one?



Those ar a bit hard to find, salvage from rc-radio? you could GOOGLE industrial joystic I found plenty there. but it's perehaps out of prize-range...


Hi D.

Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not looking for a joystick. I think my reference to airplane radio threw you off. This is the type of knob that is found in real airplanes and used to control their navigation radios.

What I'm looking for is more like a potentometer knob that you can only rotate to the left or the right. However, it is spring loaded so that when you let go it goes back to the center zero point. The farther to turn the knob to the right or the left, the higher higher the value. On an airplane radio, the farther you turn the knob, the faster you switch the radio frequency.

  • Dirk

Like those? http://www.precisionsales.com/joysticks/SAJ2515.htm

Just google spring centered potentometer ;)

Hi D.

Yep, that's exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks!

  • Dirk