What kind of LiPo connector is this?

There's a board I was going to purchase, and it has a built in LiPo charger, but the jack on the board is much smaller than ones I've seen before. Anyone know what type it is and/or where I could find a male adapter to add to my battery to fit the female?



It's off an eBay supplier, they're just shipping them out without anything but a pinout sheet. I thought it was a micro/mini JST, I just didn't know if anyone knew off the top of their head what size it was.


I think it is either...
JST GH 1.25 2-Pin Connector
JST PH 2.0 2-Pin Connector

Measure the distance between the pins. If they are 2mm apart then it's the 2.0 if they are 1.25mm apart then it's the 1.25 if it's neither then I don't know.

Thanks for the help!