What kind of motor is this?

I have an old R/C car I got about 5-10 years ago that I was going to try to control with an Arduino. I assumed the steering would be controlled by a normal looking servo motor, but what I found instead was a motor with four wires going into it that looks like a servo, but seem to work like one. It has a black, red, white and orange wire all going into it, about the size of a mini servo. Here are some pictures of it (still attached to the car)

(above)Close up of the four wires

(above) The motor from below

(above) Close up of the motor from below, sorry for lighting

(above)The four wires unplugged from the male headers on the PCB from the car

(above)All the wires plugged in

I’m fairly certain it’s not a DC motor or stepper motor because of it’s shape, size, and number of wires. If anyone could tell me what kind of motor this is or how to control it that would be great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I suspect it is a servo, and the extra wire might be some kind of position feedback.

Photos that are sharply focused would be a big help.


Tried measuring the resistances between each pair of wires? If they are all low values its just a motor, otherwise its probably a servo unit.