What kind of research assignment can i give to college kids?


Due to some events that arose i will be teaching three high school students some electronics. they are all 11th grade students (over here its a 12 grade system after which you can go to uni or any other king of higher education).
Now i do not have much time to prepare for this since i start monday and will be teaching them for three days, around 6 hours each day.
The main focus of this is to give then some feel of what is electronics and what the can expect if they choose to pick electronics engineering at uni.
I would like to ask for suggestions, of what kind of assignments i could give them, that would require them to research some kind of electronic component or some kind of process. For example, researching a diode, when does it start to conduct, so that they could then draw a graph and see the characteristics of the diode. I would also like it to be fun, and i dont want them to just end up with a bunch of graphs after these lessons. I will also try to teach them some arduino coding, but two of them have never coded so if you want to suggest some project that requires coding it has to be pretty basic, and visual.

I have some ideas about introducing them to the basic components via a kit (500 in 1 electronics projets kit), then show them a multivibrator circuit, and have them solder it. After that make a multivibrator code using and arduino, and see how the square wave differs between the two, and then see how far we can go with coding. During all this i will teach them about the components they are using i.e. how to calculate total capacitance for capacitors in series and so on.

What i feel i am missing in my program is some research they could do, some parameters they could change in a circuit and see how the circuit reacts, so that they then could make some conclusions, on what kind of effect a certain element hos in a circuit.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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