What kit to push an object from a computer and electric motor ?


I am very new to this thing. But I would like to control from my computer a motor (AC).

The final goal is to push an object which is approximately 1 kg at a speed range of 3-10Km/h

The test takes place in interior with 220V, so no battery/autonomy involved.

I saw some motors
Maybe they are overkill.. I don't know.

I will create a very small application that activate the movement or stop it. And rewind the movement, too.
Ideally connect the engine via the arduino and the arduino to the PC via usb.

Is there a kit that would enable me to do that?

Again, I am a beginner.


The final goal is to push an object which is approximately 1 kg at a speed range of 3-10Km/h

Upwards?, Downwards?. Slicing?, Acceleration (time to do it)?


220V is lethal. Make sure you know what you are doing before doing any connections.

What is your experience with electronics and programming?

As said above, this description is no where good enough to work out what you are trying to do. Give a complete description. Too much is better than insufficient.


You are right. i will give more information.

I am a c/c++ programmer and I am trying to create a mini machine able to push an object.
Imagine you are on a table, and a machine is pushing an orange forward.

This is the goal of that project.

The acceleration has no constraint. It can reach its max speed as fast as it wants, there is no problem (my orange will not like it but i will eat it afterward anyway..). Again, it is just a beginner test.

Time: we can afford up to 4 seconds to make a distance of 200 cm.
The push is horizontal. The machine will be put on a -very big- table.

The speed should not be more than 10 km/h (orange juice anyone?).

My concern is not how to build the whole thing (gears, rails, metal..), but how to make the engine answer my computer input and push the orange and which arduino kit(s) would fit.

What kind of engine do you preconize? I read DC would be easier to manage.

Electronics is not my background (I manipulate the hardware but never had to weld anything) but I am 15 years of c/c++ coding experience (and lot of other languages).

if you need more specifics, please tell me.

I'm still not very clear about what you mean by push.

At its simplest, one way would be for a motor to rotate a screw with a nut that is connected to the pusher plate. When the screw rotates the nut will run along it.

But creating a functioning system will need some mechanical planning.

And what happens if your orange loses contact with the pusher plate ? It might roll faster than the pusher or it might roll to the left or right.

A diagram of the sort of apparatus you want would be very useful.


Ok, I prepare the 3d images of what i am thinking of this afternoon :slight_smile:

Ok, I prepare the 3d images of what i am thinking of this afternoon

A hand made drawing normally does (Don’t worry, anyone here is Leonardo)


Ok, so it is a very fast drawing of my idea.

The blue thing is a rail rendered as wireframe so that we can see through.

The box has the engine, the gears… The little box is the arduino (?) and the other is the laptop.
The orange thing is… an orange.

So what kind of motor/arduino kit(s) should I buy according to the previous constraints?

This project is very basic (and mostly useless as it is), but it will get me started.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The first idea that comes to me is using a pneumatic cilinder, but it has a lot of inconvenients (being the biggest one that you need compressed air . . .)

It looks affordable with a solenoid: an iron bar inside a winding cable (coil) that moves linearly when powered. As the thing to move isn't too heavy and it rounds, a small one will do.

Have a look on google and tell us if it's the idea.


Solenoids have a one-time slam out, slam in kind of effect, with limited arm distance.
This place has a bunch, you can check out the various stroke distances
You might consider a small motor with a toothed ring, it can move a bar with a mating tooth pattern on it. Can control speed of spin and also length of push. Take a look at servocity.com (servo-city.com?) for parts ideas.

Sprocket & chain
Pulley & belt
Rubber wheel & bar

From your diagrams it looks like you want to impart an impulse or a kick to the ball.

I wonder if a servo would be suitable ?
They have the great advantage of being mechanically and electronically simple as well as easy to control with an Arduino. And they are not very expensive.


Those are amazing suggestions.

I will dig into it!

Superb community.

Thanks a lot