What LCD controller has this display

This is Raspberry Pi 3.5" LCD display however there is no information about LCD (not touch) controller.



Maybe someone could help here.
Model I have is MPI 3501 - GPIO interface

Thank you

Surely this just plugs into a RaspberryPi and away you go.

These tend to consist of a regular 8080-16 parallel TFT with some shift registers. They are write-only,

Bodmer supports these rPi displays on an ESP8266 or ESP32.

They do not work as fast as a proper SPI display controller with SPI interface.


So ILI9488 or ILI9481 or ??

Is there a way to identify it with lcd command?

No, the display is not readable.

You just have to do a bit of detective work e.g. compare datasheets and find register differences.

ILI9481, R61581, HX8357-B, HX8357-C, ILI9486, ILI9488, RM64180 have slightly different behaviour with MADCTL user register. ILI9488 has different behaviour to ILI9486 for PIXFMT.

As far as I know, these displays with shift register abortion contain ILI9486. I do not own one. I have no intention of buying one.


I am not using it with Arduino. This is very good display just somehow promoted for RPi Has 74HC4094 SR.

It is “promoted” for RPi because RPi has a mating header.
The RPi has very few GPIO pins. So it can’t drive a 8-bit parallel (or 16-bit parallel)

The RPi could drive a regular SPI display e.g.the popular 3.3V ILI9341 SPI displays.
And it can drive the ILI9341 at an impressive speed.

Surplus displays from the mobile phone market are cheap. But they are 8080-16 interface. Hence the shift register abortion. The abortion could work faster if they used better shift registers.


Yes) I understand 'abortion' - for cheapness.

I know well ILI9341 - I will try that once I figure out gpio on that panel. Also maybe it is possible to solder a better SRs on that board - e.g. 74HC4094 replacement