What libraries should i use for the parts im using

Hi im very new to the arduino universe , especially the programming part of it, and i have no idea the libaries i need to use for the DS3231 chronodot module that I want to upload the time for, then check every minute from the arduino in order to open a seeedstudio relay shield. What libraries should I use for both of these. I can research the code myself as thats not the hard part.

amazon links
Chronodot module:http://goo.gl/DmA7Mx

Seeeduino shield relay that im using:http://goo.gl/aCsVVL

I2C interface, so the Wire.h library.
Only a few registers to write to set the time initially and then a few to read back, see Figure 1.
Any RTC library will just do the interpration of the data for you, surely you can figure that part out yourself.