What Library do I need to download to get this LCD to work?

Hello, I just bought a SainSmart Mega2560+LCD 4884 Shield For Arduino AVR ATMEGA ATMEL ATMEGA2560 MCU. The board works properly, and the LCD is plugged in right and all lit up. I was told on a post that seems to be lost now that the LCD examples from the IDE are for the 2x16 LCDs. My question is what library will have THIS LCD Hello Worlding? Here is a link with pics of both the board and the LCD. Thanks in advance! Steve


Here is your lost post:


You are looking for this


If you click on your own name in orange you can find the posts you have written. Although it is described as a 48x48, I am assuming it is a Nokia 5110, which is a 48x84, and the part number strongly suggests that.

I use the Philips library I mention. There are some sketches that don't use a library, google 5110 Stuart Lewis.

But, as I said, you should be using software from the supplier. This particularly applies with the 5110 as the pin assignment varies like all hell. You can be sure that any third party documentation, library or otherwise, will have to be edited.

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Cool thanks, I will try that. Sorry about "loosing" my other post, newb ya know....