What make with just one transceiver Nrf24l01+ 2.4ghz

Hi people,
I bought one fooled NRF24L01 + 2.4GHz transceiver. I thought this shell was to make communication via wi fi. Send requests to address or something.
Unfortunately no good. : (
Now, I want to enjoy this device. What can I do with an Arduino Nano and the transceiver? I have resistors, jumpers, LEDs and a big breadboard to learn.
Can anyone help me?

Perhaps you could broadcast to intelligent life on another planet?

Or buy a second transceiver and do something useful.


Wow, That was certainly helpfull.....

There is a sketch in one of the rf24 libraries that uses nrf2400 board as a sort of scanner to see what subchannels on the band are active. It isn't much, but it is something. Unfortunately, to do anything 'usefull', you will, as Robin2 stated, have to get another NRF2400 board, but they are cheap.
Be advised that while you can power the 2400 boards from the Arduino 3.3v supply if you are recieving only, you should really use an additional 3.3v supply, with a higher current capaility, to send and receive.
Have fun.