what means powerled cold: L on a arduino diecimila

hello, i think i have a big problem.

if i put my arduino diecimila with a usb cabel to my pc, the first thing that happens is, powerled cold: TX and RX glow up for 1 sec. and after that the powerled cold: L blinks al the time,

so my question is: what did it mean if that led blinks.

i also can not put a program on my diecimila. if i start up the arduino program i get the next message:

arduino: installation problem, cannot exec ‘cc1plus’: No such file or directory

if you now, or have an idea what got be wrong, please tel me.


Did you read your own last post?

And you can find some info here:

yes i read my last post and i did all that, stil it dont work, i also read everythink on that other link, still i can not fix the problem,

so i dont now what i must try next.

if someone have an idea please tell me.


The L led is supposed to blink: it's the test program that comes on the board.

The cc1plus problem is strange. What OS are you on? Are you sure you unzipped the Arduino archive correctly?