What micro controllers can be used?

hello I was wondering besides the basic Uno Atmega328p, the Atmega2560, due SAM3X8E, Leonardo 32u4, SamD21 Zero board. what other 32 Bit Micro controllers can be used with Arduino bootloaders? Is there a list i can take a look at?


What do you mean by "can be used with Arduino bootloaders"? Why is that important to you?

what i mean is that I was wondering by what other micro processors besides the Usual ones that normally ones that everyone else is using can be used with the arduino boot loader.

You just repeated the first thing you said without making any effort to answer my questions.

The sooner you provide the necessary information, the sooner we can get to answering your question.

I was curious to see what other processors can be supported by arduino. there are up coming projects for the spring that i was wondering to see if a different type of micro processor would be a good fit for it. Like a better ADC or more spi and i2c channels. right now there is no project which I'm working on that needs this it is just for the future really. Doing my homework as they say. I have been searching online found a few things but i came in here to see if there is a official list of micro processors that arduino has i can look at for up coming projects.

I think you mean which processors are supported by the Arduino IDE (Integrated development environment) of which there are many variants.

Arduino in this context means a hardware abstraction layer over a number of processors so, for example, you can issue the command digitalRead( ) or attachInterrupt() etc. and that is translated to the machine code for the specific processor so you can get quite far without knowing the specific hardware details and can relatively easily migrate between various platforms with the same code.

Some of STM’s ST32 microcontrollers can be used with the Arduino IDE.

There also is the ESP32 (or even ESP8266).

Thank you all for explaining and helping me. I was also looking ino the STM and ST32 micro processors.

Hello Whandall i been looking into the Esp8266 and esp32 are awsome micro controllers however I'm not needed of wifi. But I do have a esp8266 going to try it out soon on disabling the wifi and just using the processor.

There should be some way to switch Bluetooth and Wifi off in an ESP32,
but I have not investigated that further.

besides the basic Uno Atmega328p, the Atmega2560, due SAM3X8E, Leonardo 32u4, SamD21 Zero board

ATmega4809 (Uno WiFi 2)
ATmega168, ATmega8 (historical)

If you count 3rd party "cores" and recompilations of the IDE, you also have:
Numerous other Atmel AVRs via ATtinyCore, miniCore, megaCore, mightyCore, majorCore, etc.
TI MSP430, MSP432, TIVA4Cxxx, C2000, and some more via "Energia"
Several Microchip PIC32 via "ChipKit"
Various STM32fxxx chips.
ESP8266, ESP32
LGT8Fxxx (an AVR "near-compatible.")
RISC-V (SiFive board)
SAMD51 (Adafruit "xxx M4" boards)
SAMD11 (barely)
Assorted Nordic ARM chips. (ie BBC Micro:Bit)

Probably a bunch more, to a greater or lesser extent.

Not a 32 bit MCU, but STM recently released Arduino core support for a couple of their 8-bit STM8 based "Nucleo" boards.

There's also the Sduino project that provides an Arduino-like paradigm for some of the low end STM8 MCUs.

I have looked at a lot of these micro controllers and they offer great things from speed to memory and wireless to Lan. however i thought i can find a better board then the current one i do have which is the Arduino zero board. For the cost as well as the speed and how much sketch memory it can hold plus the cost of it. Looks like I’m still sticking with it for now. i’m looking into the adafruit SamD11 and SamD51 boards to see for a upcoming small wearable project for the summer time.

thank you all for the help i didn’t know there was so many boards out there.

If your only considerations are speed, memory, and price, I’m really surprised you would consider Zero the winner after any reasonable amount of research into that list.

For me, the most important thing is the quality of the software and community support. In that, the Zero is probably second only to AVR. A close contender would be the Teensy boards. Have you looked at those? Still lacking an understanding of what you mean by “can be used with Arduino bootloaders”, I can’t say whether they meet that requirement.

Hello Pert you are right AVR has been around for a very long time as long as i can remember. And it works for what i need it to do. But over time things I'm doing or trying to do requires a little more then a AVR board can handle. plus speed is one thing.

I haven't gotten into Teensy's yet 32 Bit micro processors yes might not right now be the best. But the community is growing on them and so far i haven't had much problems with them a few things here and there. But i get that with any micro processor.

I will over time change what would be best for my projects. For right now this is what I'm sticking with.

I understand about AVR. I wasn't trying to influence you to trade in your Zero for an AVR.

My point was that some of the other boards mentioned in this thread have better specs and a lower price compared to the Zero, but are not as well supported by the Arduino world. At least for me, I'll spend more money for a board with inferior specs that is easy to use. Teensy seems like it could be in the sweet spot where it has better specs and price, while also being very well supported.

Something I just saw that looks very interesting is the upcoming Adafruit Grand Central:

It's a SAMD board, but with the Mega form factor. This could eventually take the place of the Due. The Due is still available, but not receiving any significant software development from Arduino for years and becoming less common in the community, so actually losing ground on support. As with any new board, the support for Grand Central will perhaps be a bit lacking at first, then improving over time.