What Microphone to get for voice commands Arduino UNO

I'm going to use my Arduino for voice commands and i can't find what microphone to use preferably I'd like to buy it off of amazon will a voice detection microphone work for that? Thanks

What are you going to put in front of the Arduino to process the microphone input?

what do you mean? I'm going to be talking into it, and I'll probably use BitVoicer for the software.

The microphone isn’t critical. But, you need an preamp to boost the few-millivolts from a mic to something useful, and if you are going to use the Arduino’s analog-to-digital converter you need to bias the signal at 2.5V, since the Arduino can’t handle the negative-half of an audio waveform.

[u]This microphone breakout board[/u] takes care of both issues and it has a microphone built-in.