what motor is this?

hi people.. i found a motor today.. attached the pictures of it below.. what kind of motor is it? is it a stepper motor? i cant find the datasheet anywhere on google.. not even sure if its the serial no. that is shown at the back of the motor..

T-30571 900906 E SANYO

... please take a look at the attacments and teach me how to play with it!

Seems like your usual small brushed DC motor. Why don’t you just apply couple of volts (5volts) to the + and - and see if it turns?

Well, my guess is that it's a Sanyo T-30571. What do I win? ;D

The "+" and "-" markings on the PCB and the label strongly suggest that the outer pins are power. The three middle pins are probably some sort of feedback: possibly an analog tach signal (0-n Volts), possibly pulses from an encoder. Seems likely that it came from a tape deck, or other piece of equipment that needed a well-controlled motor speed.

Once you get the motor spinning, hook up a scope to the mystery pins to see what sort of signal comes out of them.


yup its spins.. haha.. ur right the two outer pins are the power.. theres a resitor across the two pins closer to the negative pin.. leaving one remaining mystery pin.. i dont have an oscilloscope.. is there any other way to find out more info?

what kind of motor is it? is it a stepper motor?

Stepper motors usually have 4 or 6 connections and a geared shaft.

This is definitely a DC motor given the + and - markings. If you can post a photograph of the side of the motor we can see if it has a gearbox (probably not) and an encoder (possibly).

oh i see... theres nothing else on the side of the motor.. it looks just like in the first photo.. round on all sides.. unless the gearbox or encoder is inside the motor.. i just found it and cant bear to tear it open.. havent got bored with it just yet.. haha..

so its really just a dc motor huh.. just make use of the + and - terminals.. hook it up to a L293 or sth and tts it?.. kinda disappointing.. really cant make use of the other connections?

Most likely the 3 "mystery" pins are an encoder with an open-collector output. The resistor is there to pull the output up to Vcc.

I'd say you've got pretty good odds of the pin not connected to the resistor being ground, the middle one being Vcc, and the third being the output.

But that's only an educated guess, and there's also a chance that you'll fry whatever is inside if you try to power it up with those connections. But it'll probably still leave the motor usable without speed sensing, so the risk is modest.