What motor should I use?

I can't seem to get the right motor for this. I'm just trying to add either a stepper or DC geared motor to a 100" screen powered by my arduino. I've tried this one: DC 12V 60RPM High Speed Magnetic Reducer Electric Gear Box Motor; and the screen is too heavy and slowly slips down.

I figured a Nema 17 stepper would have enough torque, but it seems to have barely any and just slips when I touch it when running.

I'm using an Uno with an OSEPP motor shield. Should I try something with adjustable current like the pololu driver A4988, or is it more the motor itself I should change?

Any insights on what the smallest/cheapest motor that would do a good job would be?

I should add that 12V is being delivered to the Shield for the motors.

Please post a diagram of the mechanical arrangement you have in mind.


How heavy is your screen?

Tom... :slight_smile:

FIrst we need all the mechanical details, that's the first step.