What must I do to fix this??

So what I’m trying to do is get a passive buzzer to sound once getting the signal from the knock sensor by knocking on the sensor. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in the code e.t.c. Someone please help me!

Look at the error message in the bottom of your screen! Nothing will work until you get a clean Verify.

You need to define VARIABLES before you use them.

Also you are printing 'val' which is not defined anywhere.

Also delay(200); is 200 Milliseconds not 2

So I am using both the knock and passive buzzer sensor. My goal is to make the passive buzzer sound when I knock the knock sensor.. What are the key lines of code that I'll need???
My Code that I made does it manually without me knocking on it, it already starts to buzz so I want to know how to fix it....

You want to know how to fix some code but you're not going to post that code?

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your code shows >= threshold try flipping the > sign to a < sign. and test the sensor again. that worked for me in the past.