What of these methods is better to store data on Sd card

I am working on a project with which I have to tranfer data from a processing GUI application to an I2C EEPROM with an arduino board + Sd card module. Im currently looking into how I should store my data.

The data will eventually be stored on a 32kb I2C EEPROM. Every object which will be stored will be 8 bytes in size.

I do have 2 different kind of Objects and I have a small part with certain options. My first Idea was to make .txt or .csv and store it in ascii format.

1,21,3,4,5,6,7,8    // every number will be less than 255
// etc etc
// etc etc

This is obviously easy to achieve in processing, however. The arduino would have to parse all the characters, process them and store them in on the EEPROM. It is not that hard, but compared to my other method it is a lot of work.

My other method is making a .txt or (perhaps even .bin if it is possible)? and simply write the byte values directly on the SD card. This would mean that the data on the SD would not be human readable and I would lose my tagged data system. To solve the latter I could fill the SD card with dummy bytes to fill up the non used space. The upside would be that I could just use a for-loop with one single line of code to copy everything from SD to EEPROM.

I am guessing that for method #1 some other guy already has written a simple to use library. So before I start spending my ever scarce time. I thought it would be a good idea to inquire here first for the best of ideas.

So my question in shorter version. If you would have to store data on an SD card with as goal, getting the data transferred to an EEPROM, how would you store the data?

Tnx for any help in advance,


I would use its native format as much as possible, the more conversions you do the more chance for error. Memory devices work in bytes and do not care what the byte is. If you need speed look at FRAM, do it once and be finished.

Thank you for your anwser. I don’t need much speed as the SD card is only parsed just once. All data will be processed and stored on an EEPROM.

I decided to go for storage in ascii format. It is not that incredibly much work, to parse the data into variables.

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