What parts do I need?

So I am getting into arduinos for the first time and I have a few projects in mind. I have no experience with these things so my terminology may be off but I am looking to make something that will balance itself when it is in your hand. What I mean is if my hand shakes it will balance itself out to stay level. I'd like to be able to make something with attachments so any help or ideas would be great, thanks.

well the device is going to have to know it is moving before it can stabilize itself. It is also going to have to know which way it is moving. a 3 axis accelerometer or a 3 axis gyro with feedback would be needed. Potentiometers can also be used to detect which way is up and which is down. Trainer R/C aircraft use that method of right-side-upping. The rest is doing to depend on what system you are going to use to regain balance, most of which is going to be dependent on the code and speed of the actuators.

Good luck


Hi greenlemon, sounds like an interesting project, but quite advanced for a beginner. If you try for something so complex for your first project, there is a danger it will be too steep a learning curve and you will loose enthusiasm. So my advice would be start with some cool, fun easy projects first, perhaps using leds and sounds. Then move on to the next level, perhaps build a clock or game, and so on.