What parts needed for controlling 12V 50W led lights with my arduino UNO

Hi everyone

i hope i post this question in the corect forum topic. please corect me if i am wrong:-)

i have a small project wher the programming is the easy part for me. only now i come to hardware and i was hoping girls/guys could help me with a shopping list.

my project:
I have on my carr 8 lights 12V 50W and i want to group them in two and than create the following swich options
Switch A more than 10 Sec press = turn on all lights
Switch A les Then 10 Sec press = signal light

Switch B press = turn on 4 lights
Switch c press = turn on 4 lights
Optional Swich D Press = the two sets of lichts will blink.

now i need hardware to suport this with my arduino, as i am afraid that i would burn it. i would like from you to know what parts i would need. i hope i could find some help.

Thanks a lot johan

Hi, So 2 groups of 4 * 50 watt LEDs, right.

On-Off, no dimming?

So you would be switching 12V at 200 watts. P=E*I so I=P/E so 200 / 12 = 16.7 Amps

You need a relay good for > 20 amps

How about 30A like this ?

There are other solutions, I'm sure..

** DISCLAIMER ** Showed parts from my shop..

No, that's not going to work reliably as halogen lamps pull about 8 to 10 times running current
at turn on (cold inrush current), so you will probably weld those relay contacts together at some point
with 150A current spikes.

I'd suggest using automotive relays designed for the purpose (much tougher and heavier build),
or some suitably rated MOSFETs, such as TO247 packaged devices which can handle the inrush
current. Think 30V, 0.002 ohm, 200A rating.

The OP did say they were LED lights...