What Power supply for (2) nema 11 should I use? please help

I want to use (2) nema 11 working parallel connected to 1 controller.

What power supply should I use and what driver should I use to not burn my self or anything else ?

thanks in advance

The answer would be relatively easy to answer if we knew what. You need to give us more information as to the power requirements, what type of connector, and links to technical information on all the hardware parts. nema 11 brings two things immediately to mind, a corrosion-resistant enclosure, and a motor. More Information will help you get a useful answer.

The problem is that the specification NEMA 11 only refers to the physical size of the motor and flange. It says nothing about the coil or it’s current requirements.

It is a common beginners mistake to think it tells you more information about the motor than the physical size.

so I went a head to do this DIY from this youtube video.

diy starts 9:30 of the video.

I was not able to connect the ESP 8226 to internet. once I fill in the blanks for wifi configuration it does not connect. I do not know what I am doing wrong please help me I am a newb here.

Sorry I am not watching some you tube tutorial, most of them are rubbish.
What you could do is to post your code and your wiring diagram. It is OK obfuscate your actual wi-fi details.

However as the problem is now a different one to the title you might try reporting you own post to the moderator and asking them to move it to a more appropriate section.

ok thank you, I will make a new post.

I didn’t say that did I?

No my tittle is off to what I am doing now, I will tag you in.

You can edit your title to make it more appropriate

Still waiting on the information!

I did this seems like my motor is not making a complete rotation.

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