What product I buy Arduino!

Hi! I have T6963s 240x128!

What product I buy Arduino!


Looks like you need 14 I/O pins. Uno has 20. 2 are for Serial communications, so 18 are free. You need 14, so that leaves 4 pins for buttons, etc. Is that enough for you? If not, then get a Mega, or plan to add a couple of external logic chips such as a shift register, etc.

I need only to display the temperature of the computer + winamp + hours

How will that info be provided? From the PC serial port?



USB is still a serial port.

That link shows a parallel port ??

Yes, I know that links the LPT port!
Can I make this product Arduino!

Yes - read the datasheet first, it tells you what the 14 pins are that need connecting and the data you must send, along with power & ground connections.

Then what equipment I should will buy

Uno ili Mega.


Thanks for help!