What rotary switches to use?

I'm new to Arduino and I am working through the projects from the beginners kit I bought from Arduino.

I want to work more with push on/off switches and rotary switches.

I don't know what kind of rotary switches I should be purchasing for my breadboard?

I have a small test project in mind that I'd like to work on and I need some rotary switches and a dual shaft rotary switch (the kind that has two knobs on one switch).

Can someone point me to a URL where I can purchase these kinds of components?


http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/switches/rotary-switches/1114210?k=rotary%20switch Add wires from the pins/legs to plug into your breadboard.

I called Digikey and spoke to a sales person. They asked how many index positions I wanted and I said well, I don't really want a limit, I want to be able to turn the switch in either direction without hitting any stops so they said it sounds like I want is an encoder.

I said yes it sounds right, so I looked at their encoders but there are a lot of options. I guess the basic encoder type I would want would be Mechanical?

What about output type? There is a long list to choose from.

What I want to do (on my breadboard) is turn the knob and my code will interface into the app running on my PC and increment the a letter in the alphabet. I am trying to construct an airport identifier such as "KLAX".

I actually want a dual knob encoder such that the outer knob moves the cursor to each letter position (by turning the outer knob left or right) and then using the inner knob to select the correct letter once the cursor is positioned correctly.

My code will be detecting the knob turns and then sending the codes to the app. For example, if I press the up and down arrow keys that operates the outer knob and movers the cursor left and right along a line.

If I press the left right arrow keys, it cycles through the alphabet displaying each letter with each arrow key press.

My app code will simply send these same key commands based on which encoder knob was turned in which direction. I'm using the Arduino Leonardo board for this.

You need a dual encoder https://www.google.com/#q=dual+rotary+encoder I don't see many options at digikey. Mouser carries some http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/ALPS/EC11EBB24C03/?qs=m0BA540hBPc5hAJ6UyzIrA%3D%3D&gclid=CJzf-f35psgCFUSQHwodF0cDrw&kpid=2112653 You'll need a filter for each like on page 2 here http://www.bourns.com/data/global/pdfs/PEC11L.pdf Then many examples of counting the pulses out of it, incrementing & decrementing, have been posted.